My Australian journey: difficult but worth it!


My name is Elena Acquaviva and today I tell you about my experience with OZTUDY.I’ve arrived in Australia with a Working Holiday visa in August 2018. I had 4 and half years of work experience in the event industry in Italy as audio technician, and therefore I wanted to have a one-year work experience abroad.

After few months, I met my current boyfriend and when the visa expired I decided to stay in Sydney for both work (which was going well) and love reasons. As I was unable to renew my Working Holiday visa because I exceeded the age limit of 31 years old, I decided to contact OZTUDY and find out which were the best options for visa, study and work in the country. Together we planned my Australian path to allow me to remain in the country pending the development of the necessary requirements to apply to a Visa Partner with my Australian boyfriend. 

I started with a first Student Visa to attend the Certificate IV in Business for six months. The course gave me a useful qualification for the position of project manager. Now that I have completed this certificate, I have decided to focus on another course of study aimed at my current profession. Therefore, I started a second student visa to study the 18-month Diploma in Digital Media. 


The decision to work in Australia has proved to be a long and difficult road, but the experiences I have made and the skills acquired in such a short time have rewarded every effort. My goal is to stay in Australia and obtain the permanent residence. OZTUDY has always been close to me on this path. He advised me on the most suitable and fastest way to achieve my Australian goals and dreams, demonstrating high competence and professionalism.

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