“My experience with OZTUDY” Valentina Massaccesi

Good morning everybody!!!

My name is Valentina Massaccesi and today i would like to talk to you about my precious experience with OZTUDY.

My partner and I (Italian-Australian) we arrived in Australia in 2016. At that time, our only point of reference was the Facebook page “Italiani a Sydney”. This page brought us to meet later on Claudio Scamporlino, Alessia Comandini and the rest of the OZTUDY team.

After a couple of days from the arrival, we went to the Sydney office to better understand how things work in Australia. Since the very first meeting, Claudio clarified the path to follow: i started with the WHV and, after that, i joined a Partner Visa with my Partner.

A couple of months later, I contacted both Claudio and Alessia to ask for their help in seeking an internship as executive assistant. I started to work with Claudio and, after a week, i moved to a consultancy company where my internship lasted for

2/3 months. This work experience was unforgettable: i met many people who helped me to grow professionally and personally.

After 11 months in Sydney, my partner and I, we went back to Italy for 18 months. In this occasion, I lost the rights on the Partner Visa. When was the time to come back, I have been able to rely again on OZTUDY and on Claudio in particular. Once again, Claudio and the Team, they gave me efficient advices on visa, school, time and expenditures: I’m currently attending IV Certificate in Business and, after that, i will enrol in Diploma in Leadership and Management.

After spending 2019 Christmas Holidays in Italy, my partner and I booked the flight back to Australia on 18th March 2020. Suddenly, COVID-19 spread all over the World and Australia closed the borders. Given the emergency of returning to Australia, with the help of Claudio and Alessia, we managed to obtain the relationship certificate which gave the the right to enter in Australia with my partner.

Here we are!!! We finally came back to Australia three weeks ago and two of these we spent in self-isolation.

I hope you enjoyed reading my story. OZTUDY has helped me achieving my Australian dream by being alway present and helpful, in Sydney and In Italy. They are still an important source I rely on when i have doubt and issues and I really appreciate what they have been doing for all the Italian people in Australia.

Thus, i take the opportunity to say thank you to Alessia Comandini, Claudio Scamporlino, Simone Ratti and the rest of the OZTUDY team.

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