Differences between visa subclass 189 and 190

Australian immigration relies on a point-based system. Points are collected based on the type of skills you have. According to the occupation you belong to, you have a minimum points required to collect in order to obtain the visa. Visa subclass 189 and 190 are in fact both point-based visas which allow for permanent residency and lead to Australian citizenship. It is important to understand the differences between 189 and 190 visa subclass to understand the most suitable for you.


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Visa subclass  189 is a skilled independent visa that allows skilled workers to permanently migrate to Australia without a sponsor. To obtain the invitation to apply (ITA) to the visa, you need to firt submit an express of interest (EOI) by nominating the occupation you are qualified for from the occupation list and demonstrate that you possess the minimum points required for that occupation;

Visa subclass 190 is a skilled nominated visa that allows skilled workers to permanently migrate to Australia ONLY if they receive the nomination by an Australian state and territory. To receive the nomination, you need to first submit an EOI for a specific state and through the skill you possess. Once submitted, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) will verify that you possess the skills of your nominated occupation to live and work in the state of your application.

General requirements of both visas:

  • English language proficiency requirements
  • You need to score at least 65 points which are calculated based on age, qualifications, work experience, etc …
  • submit a skill assessment to the approved assessment authority
  • meet health and character requirements
  • be less then 50 years old

Benefits of both the visa:

  • permanently settle your life in Australia
  • become and Australian citizen (if and when eligible)
  • sponsor your family members in Australia if they meet the eligibility requirements
  • travel in and out Australia
  • apply for Medicare benefits
  • study in Australia

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