Job Ready Program – Job Skills Assessment

The Job Ready Program is a 4-step program for job skills assessment. It offers the opportunity to demonstrate that work skills are adequate for the Australian job market, before applying for permanent migration to Australia.

Phase 1 – Eligibility for the Provisional Assessment

To be admitted to the Provisional Skills Assessment (PSA), it is necessary to have:

  • student visa to study in Australia;
  • Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) evaluation document and issued under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) by a registered training organisation (RTO) at the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) following ¬†studies carried out in the country (the job qualification present on the MLTSSL – occupations)
  • proof of a minimum of 360 hours of work and/or internship completed at an Australian job, using industry standard equipment and procedures relevant to the qualification and nominated employment; the hours must have been completed within the three years preceding the online application.

Phase 2 – Job Ready Employment

To continue with the job skills assessment phases, candidates must:

  • find work in the occupation designated for them, and submit this occupation for Job Ready Employment through the online portal by providing the appropriate registration documents to TRA;
  • the case of employment carried out prior to registration for Job Ready Employment may be considered, only if adequate evidence is provided. The request is made by completing a previous Job Declaration and Acceptable Salary Proof form. The final decision will be at the absolute discretion of the TRA and only if:
    • undertaken with the first employer enrolled in the JRE;
    • undertaken after completing an Australian qualification relevant to the designated occupation;
    • undertaken in the three months prior to the online application for the JRE;
    • not yet used to meet the job requirements for Phase 1 – Provisional Skills Assessment.
  • Once the registration has been recognized by TRA, applicants can begin to participate in a 12 month work verification process.

Please Note: Participants must be reported as “currently employed” when TRA receives the employment registration documents to be considered for JRE (Step 2).

Phase 3 – Evaluation at Job Site

When the participant has completed and provided proof of at least 863 hours of paid work over a minimum of six months, they may be eligible to participate in phase 3 for the job skills assessment. This is conducted in the registered workplace through a supervisor’s job skills assessment. The purpose of the job choice is to determine if the participant is successfully operating at the level of competence required for the nominated occupation.

Phase 4 – Final Evaluation

Final Job Ready Assessment is done with actual proof of at least 1725 hours of paid work over a minimum of 12 calendar months, and after completion of a Job Ready Workplace Assessment. This assessment will determine whether the participant has met the necessary requirements for an independent skilled migration visa.

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Cost of the Job Ready Program

The following table shows the cost of each phase of the program in question (currency in Australian dollars and do not include taxes (GST)).

Fee Type Fee
Provisional Skills Assessment $300
Provisional Skills Assessment Review (if required) $300
Job Ready Employment $500
Job Ready Workplace Assessment $2,000
Subsequent Job Ready Workplace Assessment (if required) $2,000
Job Ready Final Assessment $150

Subordinate Work

Participants in Job Ready Employment must have a paid job and enshrined in an agreement where the employer and employee relationship exists:

  • the work is assigned to the participant by the employer / supervisor and he carries out the work under his direction;
  • the participant works a standard number of hours per day / shift as agreed with the employer;
  • the employer provides the participant with pay slips;
  • an employer who pays premium salaries for his or her skill level for his designated profession;
  • an employer paying contributions on behalf of the participant;
  • the participant is entitled to annual leave and / or other leave.

Minimum Occupancy Required

The participant must complete at least 1725 hours of paid work over a minimum of 12 calendar months from the start date of the Job Ready Program.

  • 12 months and 1725 hours: The participant must remain on duty for a minimum of 12 calendar months and 1725 working hours (only paid hours are considered in the count). For example, if the start date of the JRE is September 24, 2011, he is required to remain on duty in his designated occupation at least until September 23, 2012. Periods of absence from work (even if paid) are not counted. . In this case, the participant may take more than 12 calendar months to complete the minimum required number of hours.

Proof of Employment Requirements

You will be required to provide proof of pay for any TRA approved employment by providing copies of the following documents:

  • Copies of bank statements showing deposits for the above pay slips or printout of payroll as required
  • Pay slips that contain at least:
    • Name of the applicant
    • Name of the employer
    • ABN of the employer
    • Hours worked / Hourly wages
    • Gross salary
    • Days worked
  • If you don’t have pay slips, your employer’s salary report with a minimum of:
    • Name of the applicant
    • Name of the employer
    • ABN of the employer
    • Days worked
    • Hours worked
    • Gross salary

Verification of the Provisions on Occupation and Site Visit

Once the TRA has received payment of the fee, the participant will be assigned to an officer (TRA LO) who will assist him through the program and who will advise him on what to do to successfully complete the program (TRA LO will not provide immigration advice). The officer will maintain regular contact with the participant and employer of the Job Ready program and will be responsible for determining if the employment arrangement is appropriate for the Job Ready program through the following steps:

  • Online verification of employment regulations to confirm the validity of the activity;
  • On-site visit following verification of the participant’s recruitment procedures, first obtaining the authorization of the employer.

Purpose of the Visit

  • ensure that employment arrangements enable participants to perform skills-related tasks and functions, using industry recognized practices and tools / equipment relevant to the profession;
  • confirm that the employer is aware of the obligation to allow the TRA LO to carry out a workplace assessment with the participant after completing at least six months of work. Thereafter, TRA will notify the participant in writing to communicate if the registered employment agreement meets the eligibility requirements. Reasons why employment contracts do not meet the eligibility requirements can include:
    • the work for which the participant is employed is not at an adequate level of competence in relation to his designated profession;
    • the participant is unpaid;
    • the employment provisions do not provide the participant with access to an adequate range of tasks and equipment recognized by the sector and relevant to his designated profession.

If the participant is informed that the registered employment agreement does not meet the requirements of Job Ready Employment, the period of that employment cannot be counted towards the Job Ready Program and another employment that meets the requirements must be found to be able to complete the Job Ready Program.

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