Migration agents, Immigration Lawyer or Education agents

Are you applying for a visa or seeking professional advices regarding your visa options to stay in Australia, however you feel confused about who you should contact first?

In this article, you can find a brief explanation of the three main professional roles (migration agents, immigration lawyer and education agents) you can contact when asking for visa advices and how they can help you.

Migration Agents & Immigration Lawyers

Migration agents typically complete a 12 month certificate or diploma in Australian Migration Law in a tertiary institution. Once the qualification is granted, they are able to register with Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) and practise as registered migration agents. They can:

  • provide advice on visa requirements;
  • assist with lodging visa applications; and
  • deal with the Department of Home Affairs on your behalf.

Many lawers are also registered as migration agents and they practise immigration law. For this to happen, they must be registered with MARA too. Many are the similarities between the two professional figures. However, ulike migration agents (without legal qualifications), immigration lawyerscan appeal cases in courts such as the Federal Court or High Court.

Why you should contact an migration agent or immigration lawyer?

  • Cost effective: some visa applications can cost more than $8,000. It may seem like you are saving money by completing the application yourself. However, if your application is refused, it can be very costly as refunds for lodging the application are only available in limited circumstances;
  • Avoid lengthy delays: an experienced migration agent or immigration lawyer can prepare your application and make it ‘decision ready’.If you have left out any important information or documents in your application, it could delay the process;
  • Expertise: The immigration department often refuses visas because employers and individuals do not meet the eligibility criteria. Investing in an initial consultation to explore your eligibility and visa options with your migration agent or lawyer will confirm your suitability, likelihood of success/failure, costs involved, process and duration;
  • Take out the stressas they will guide you each step of the way.

Education Agent & Student Advisor

An education agent can give you information about your options for studying and living in Australia, and help you with your study and visa applications.

They usually have up-to-date course information from many Australian institutions and are required to be aware of any changes to Australian visa policy. In this way, they can give you accurate information, tailored to your needs.

*Education agents cannot provide you with migration advices, unless they are also Registered Migration Agents.

Why you should contact an education agent/student advisor?

  • Cost effective: they provide free services to study and live in Australia and they offer to students exclusive deals (deals granted to education agents ONLY) to help them study in Australia at the most convenient price;
  • Expertiese:their level of expertise and personal experience can help you make the most out of your journey, making sure you don’t miss any opportunity;
  • Ease of process: they accompany you through your student career and help you make it possible: from identifying the right study course, in the right institution and preferred city, to submitting the necessary documentations to receive the Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) and apply for the next best visa option, student advisors will become your point of reference and your friend in Australia;
  • Exclusivity: student advisors collaborate with educational institution around Australia to get the best deals in terms of course fee, materia, health insurance and other costs. Therefore, they offer promotions to which students would have not access to otherwise.

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