Student Visa Fees Exemption

Have you heard of the student visa fees exemption (nil-VAC free) for the students inshore and offshore, recently issued by the Australian government?

The government recently stated that it will suspend student visa renewal fees for anyone who has:

  • obtained a student visa before 1st February 2020;
  • experience difficulties in completing their studies within the set time due to the pandemic;
    • by postponing the period of study because unable to return to Australia due to travel restrictions or;
    • be forced to reduce the study load to part-time or;
    • not being able to complete the training and / or internships based on the course of study.

To request the student visa fees exemption, simply submit the Form 1545 COVID-19 Impacted Student document through your ImmiAccounts and signed by your school – to receive support from our student advisors, send an email to

Attention! The visa fee waive does not apply to normal circumstances in which the student visa is about to expire and the course of study has been completed.

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To Better Understand

Three scenarios to better understand when you can and cannot apply for a student visa fees exemption (nil-VAC free).


Becky is currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Nursing which ends at the end of the second semester of 2020. Backy has experienced difficulties in completing the internship scheduled for the last semester of the bachelour course. So she decides to apply for a new student visa to successfully complete his internship and course.

Becky is eligible for the nil-VAC student visa. The institution where whe is enrolled needs to provide a document to explain in details the internship that the student should have had completed by the end of the course. Becky can also attach supporting documentation to the application.


Kelly is currently enrolled in an information technology course which is expected to finish at the end of semester 1, 2021. Kelly is requesting to postpone semester 1, 2020 due to travel restrictions for COVID-19.

The original student visa was granted to Kelly to study a different course. In fact, at the time of transferring to the information technology course, Kelly has already submitted an application to extend the course until the 1st semester 2021. Since Kelly has already submitted an application for a new student visa to complete her course, she is not is eligible for the nil-VAC Visa fee.


John is currently enrolled in a Hospitality Management Diploma, which is ending in November 2020. The institution has offered him the chance to continue his studies online due to COVID-19 restrictions. However, John has voluntarily reduced her study load to part-time. As a result, John needs a new student visa to complete his course but he is not eligible for the nil-VAC Visa fee.

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