Vaccine Policy and International Travels


Since all Australian Territories have been able to successfully manage COVID pandemic and life is back to COVID normal, now the question remains only one: when international travels will be reinstated again?

The answer to the question is NOT YET CERTAIN and the opinions on the matter are still in contrast among the parties. However, the final decision for the reopening of international travels appears to be directly dependent on when and whom will take the vaccine first.

In fact, an interesting article from ABC News explains that there is a possibility for International borders to open when the vaccine will finally be available.  The article also mentions that the Federal Government has released Australia’s vaccination policy which mentions that,

            while vaccinations will not be mandatory, a proof of vaccination may be required for people entering or returning to the country.

This condition is similar to what has already been done in the past – see yellow fever and polio health policies.

However, many are the objections to the matter. For example, health experts say that the vaccination can be a good way to protect travellers, however it cannot be the only method of mitigation to ensure the disease does’t continue to spread. On the other hand, economist are highlighting that some nations, heavily reliant on tourism and migration, couldn’t afford to wait for a vaccine to be created to reinstate international travels and today are still encouraging people to visti their country adopting some precautions.

To conclude, the answer to the question “When international travels will be reinstate for Australia?” is still a big question mark.

There’s a lot that still has to go right and few issues to work through between now and when we can start travelling again.

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