How to prepare yourself to travel to Australia

Many of you are asking questions regarding what to do and how to prepare to travel and live in Australia. For this reason, we have prepared an article with the most important information regarding your first time travelling to the land Down Under. If, after the reading, you still have doubts, do not hesitate to contact us by email.

Seven important steps you should take to come to Australia:

1. Figure out the best visa option to start with – make sure you meet the requirements.

Whether you want to travel, study and work in Australia, there is a visa for you. However, it is important to understand what are the options available and the requirements to meet before sending the application and book the flight.

The 3 most common visa options for internationals that come to Australia for the first time are:

  • Visitor Visa, 600: this is a temporary visa that allows you to travel to Australia for leisure and adventure, for about 3 months.
  • Working Holiday Visa (WHV), 417: If you are between 18 to 30 years old inclusive  (Canadian, French and Irish citizens, up to 35 years old inclusive) and you want to explore the territory, then this is the visa you should go for. It allows you to have a more extended holiday and work  to help fund your trip. In addition, you have the opportunity to renew the visa for up to 2 additional years, if you meet certain eligibility requirements and you have completed 3 or 6 months of eligible specified works.
  • Student Visa, 500: if you are looking to get an international qualification, improve your english or get some international work experience, than you should start from here. This visa allows you to be enrolled full-time in a course and work part-time (full-time during holiday periods).

2. Choose the city to live in.

Whether you prefer tropical weather experience or a multicultural environment, you can find what you are looking for in Australia. In fact, the wide territory of Down Under offers very extreme living conditions, from noth to south. How to choose the right one for you? Keep in mind the weather conditions, population size and distance to the ocean… And then just choose! You can always travel around the country once there.

3. Health Insurance.

Australia requires you to have health insurance policy to guarantee you are covered for health emergencies or needs.  Here, you can find many providers at different price levels and type of cover. The most popular are by Medicare, Bupa and Nib. Ask your student agent to guide you through the selection of the best one for you.

4. TFN and Bank Account.

Some agendas to complete once you are in the country, are:

  • Tax File Number (TFR) which is your personal reference number in the tax and superannuation systems. It’s free and it will take only few minutes for you to submit the application. You can apply online at this link.
  • Bank Account, super easy to open and quick. You can go directly to one of the bank branches in the city and, in few minutes, you will have your debit/credit account activated. The most popular australian banks are Commonwealth Bank, ANZ, NAB and West Pack. When choosing the right bank, take into consideration territory coverage, bank fees and interest rate.


Download information guide

Click the link to download the information guide with the main information to help you settling in Australia.

5. Find the best accomodation, location and type.

Choosing the right accomodation is extremely important. The best and most popular way to go is to book an hotel/hostel/airbnb for one week or two and, once you have arrived, you can search for the right long-term stay. Weather you prefer a shared bedroom, shared apartment/house or your own place, you will be able to find many options and future housemates on internet (websites and Facebook groups). Note that, rent is usually paid on a weekly/ monthly basis, plus bond can be required to sign lease agreements.

6. Find a Job.

Australian job market is continuously looking for new workforce at any level of experience. Hospitality, constructions, retail, and aupair are the most popular industries where you can find job opportunities in a shorter time. All you need to apply are a good cover letter and resume in english language.

Where to find a job? Do not underestimate the power of networking and word-of-mouth to find a job in Australia. In addition, there are popular websites and facebook groups with the latest job opportunities for you to apply.

7. Have fun!!

This is your time to have fun and take the most from what Australia can offer. Buy the ticket, pack your things and leave! In Australia you will find plenty of people that shares your dream.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this article and you found all the essential information you were looking for.

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We hope you have enjoyed reading this article and you found all the essential information to prepare yourself and travel to Australia. Our team of experts can help defining the most important things and get ready to travel to Australia by providing you with essential information, processing your visa and follow you during your stay in the country. Feel free to contact us by email at

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