Permanent Residency Tasmania – visa Subclass 190

The Tasmania Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190) is a permanent residency. It allows skilled workers to live and work in Tasmania and then apply for citizenship. Applying for this visa in Tasmania gives you five additional points to help meet the Department of Home Affair mark pass of 65 points.

To obtain the Tasmanian Government nomination, you need to meet the visa eligibility criteria and nomination requirements. Those are both set by the Department of Home Affairs and the Tasmanian Government. Once nominated, you must live in Tasmania for two years after the visa is granted.


To be eligible to apply for the Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190), you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be below 45 years of age;
  • You must choose one occupation on the list of eligible skilled occupations;
  • You must hold a valid and positive skill assessment for your nominated occupation;
  • Demonstrate the minimum required English Proficiency score;
  • Collect a minimum of 65 points on the Department of Home Affairs point test.
NOTE: meeting all the minimum nomination requirements does not guarantee that you will get the visa. This is mainly due to the State Nomination quota defined each year, which limits the state/territory to nominate a certain numbers of applicants.


Tasmanian State Nomination gives to successful applicants, extra points to help meet the 65 points (threshold set by the Department of Home Affairs). Those are for:

  • Extra 5 points for the Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190);
  • Extra 15 points for the Skilled Work Regional (provisional) visa (subclass 491).

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Once you meet all the minimum nomination requirements, your application will be competitively assessed against other applicants. The focus will be on the ability to demonstrate a number of criteria, including:

  • the demand for your particular skills and expertise, and your prospects for finding skilled employment in Tasmania
  • your demonstrated ability and commitment to establishing yourself, and any dependents, in Tasmania with a view to your prospects for long-term settlement in the state
  • the relevance of your qualifications, skills, experience and capabilities – to the needs of Tasmania’s labour market
  • the skills and background of dependent family members
  • your level of English language competency
NOTE: applicants who have skills in areas of particular need or are engaged in critical areas of the Tasmanian economy will receive high regard, particularly if living in an area outside of Greater Hobart.


Processing times may vary depending on the quantity and quality of the applications lodged and, on requirements of additional documentation.

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