Study design and achieve your dream career

How study design can open the doors to your dream career

Many students are increasingly moving towards the world of design and these are just a few of the MANY reasons that bring people to study Design to achieve their dream career:

Study design and get ready for the job of the future

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1) Promising career prospects

Companies in the media and design industry create visual concepts by using computer software to communicate to their audience ideas, brand images and captivate their consumers. Most businesses need a Graphic or a digital Designer and if businesses keep expanding and new start-ups and continue to appear, then designers will always have plenty of work opportunities and financial gains. 


2) Work anywhere in the world

Clients all over the world need work done and a designer is a designer anywhere! There are many places to find freelance work on the Internet and you can just enjoy working from the cosiness of your own sofa or in your free time on the train.


3) Freedom to be artistic and creative

Love expressing yourself in a way that is truly your own- graphic design allows you to make your own mark while working with your clients’ needs. As a freelancer there is plenty of room to express yourself (logos, branding, websites, print etc).  


4) Plenty of specializations you can choose from and combine with your current skills

These are just eight common design specializations and this info can help you get one step further to determining what kind of design-related career is going to fit you best:


  • UI/UX Designer: a UI/UX designer is responsible for illustrating app design ideas using process flows, sitemaps, storyboards, graphic user interface elements such as widgets, tabs, menus and determine the specific design requests of an organisation.
  • Web Designer: the main responsibilities of a web designer are to design and create the features, layout and overall look of a website.
  • Animator: these artists create and use a series of images, such as drawings, models, and puppets, for films, computer games, commercials, websites, and music videos.
  • Graphic Designer: they are responsible for creating visual concepts for marketing purposes. Some of their outputs include infographics, posters, banners, logos, brochures, magazines, corporate reports, book cover, and they also have discretion regarding text placements, images, font types, styles, sizes, and colours.
  • Fashion Designer
  • Furniture Designer
  • Jewellery Designer
  • Interior Designer

There are so many options to upgrade your current skill set, and the courses range from Certificate III to a Bachelor degree, find the one that suits you!

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