Occupations in demand in Australia

Migration Updates and occupations in demand

The start of the new financial year has not seen much in the way of significant changes to the Migration Program for Australia.

Some of the minor developments that have come about with the new financial year are as follows;

  • Visa application charge increases, effective from 1st July 2021
  • Fee increases for Visa Medical examinations with BUPA
  • Migration planning levels remain UNCHANGED from the previous year

On a more interesting topic, The National Skills Commission has released an assessment of the Australians labour market analysis on occupations through the Skills Priority List. This is NOT related to the various skilled occupation lists issued by the Department of Home Affairs for the purpose of Skilled/Employer Sponsored Visas.

Jobs in Demand in Australia

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This National Skills Commission has essentially recognised the occupations that are in demand across Australia and broken them down into the various states, metropolitan and regional areas. They rate the demand for these occupations as either Strong, Moderate or Soft and are an indication of what the labour market needs will be over the next 5 year period.

Some of the occupations which I thought were of key interest for our audience, which are rated as Strong across the Nation are; Welders, Metal Fabricators, Electricians, Chefs, Butchers, Accountants, Aged or Disabled Carer and Various Engineering roles.

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It is understood that this list compiled by the NSC will provide input to the Department of Home Affairs skilled occupation lists.

ON a final note, Queensland, Tasmania, South Australia, NSW are currently closed for the purpose of the Skilled Migration Programs and are expected to reopen towards the end of July. 

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