5 tips for mature age students

5 tips for mature age students

A mature age students are students who are over 18 years old and have been outside of the education system for a bit of time. There are many different reasons why people become mature age students. Sometimes people choose to travel or work after they finish high school or university, and return to adult training as a mature age student. A mature age student can also be a graduate who has been in the work market for several years and does adult training to upskill. People also become mature age students when they decide to change their careers.

If you are going to be one of the thousands and thousands of mature age students, here you can find five useful tips to get the best out of this new experience.

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  • Know what to expect

Being a mature age student may be challenging. By knowing what to expect, you can help focus and prepare for a successful path. Many mature age students will take adult education courses while juggling other commitments. As a mature age student, you might take adult learning courses while working or looking after a family.

However there are also several benefits to being a mature age student. For example, you’ll already have several years of knowledge and experience accumulated. This makes you better at time management, scheduling time for studying, and keeping your motivation high.

Compared to some of the younger students who are fresh out of high school, you’ll be more certain in what you want to do with your life. In this way, you’ll gain more from your studies, and be less likely to drop out or change direction.

  • Choose flexible study options

As a mature age student, you will be juggling various commitments, hence it’s useful to choose flexible adult learning courses. For example, by doing adult education courses online, you can continue working part-time while you study.  Instead, online study gives you the flexibility to take your units when and where you want to. This way you can fit your studies to your life, not the other way around.

  • Prepare time, space and finances

Before you begin your adult education courses, you will need to organise your life to prepare for successful studies. You’ll need to work out if you’re going to continue working to support your studies and what hours you will work. 

Aim to resolve any debts before you commence studies to relieve any financial pressure. Fortunately, many adult education courses have payment plans which allow you to pay for your studies gradually over a long period of time.

Finally, it’s important to find an appropriate space to study. You could set up a desk in your bedroom, away from the communal areas of the house. Alternatively, you might prefer to study in a quiet cafe, or find a space at a local library.

  • Embrace technology

As a mature age student it is essential that you keep up to date, and make good use of technology. Social media, internet, online videos can be your best alley when it comes to 

  • Always ask questions

All students have questions when they begin their studies. These may relate to the course content, or they may relate to administration, paperwork, school fees and more.

Whatever your queries, don’t be afraid to ask questions. It’s guaranteed that someone else is wondering the same thing, so you won’t be alone. If you’re thinking of taking an adult education course, your school will have a friendly support team on hand to help.

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